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The Story in the Cards

The Flash Tarot system is designed to help you learn the Tarot and to start your journey reading the cards as quickly as possible. You will be practicing your first reading as soon as you receive your Flash Tarot Cards.

With the Flash Tarot, there is no need to memorize the cards before your first reading, or to spend time cross-checking books and websites every time you turn over a card. All the information you need is right on the card. With this system, you will be reading the cards the day you receive your Flash Tarot Deck.

The best way to learn the Tarot is to practice reading. No amount of study will substitute for the act of laying down the cards and seeing the story and relationships that reveal themselves in the Tarot spread.

But without an understanding of the individual cards, a Tarot spread is meaningless. 

This is where the Flash Tarot comes in.

Every card in the Flash Tarot Deck contains all the information you need right on the card. Each card is printed with the meaning, interpretation of symbolism, and associations right on the card.

There is no need to go through weeks of memorization and  “book learning”  before using the cards. As you read the Flash Tarot cards,  memorizing and understanding of the cards happens naturally.  Not only that, but by memorizing the cards as you lay them down in an actual Tarot spread, you begin to see the relationships between cards, how the cards change depending on where they lay in the Tarot spread, and you begin to connect to the person you are reading for.  By exploring the story and the connections, you being to explore the magic of the Tarot.



Flash Tarot Cards


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Information found on the Flash Tarot Cards

Each card in the Flash Tarot Deck contains the following information:

Tarot Meaning

Main Idea

This is the central idea represented by the card.   The meaning of the card condensed into a single  word or short phrase.


Flash Tarot Symbols


Explanation of the symbols on the card. Understanding the  picture and symbols on the card is a  short-cut to understanding the meaning of the card.


Flash Tarot Words

Word Association

Words and phrases to consider when looking at the card. This is a good place to gain additional insights.

Flash Tarot Reading

Possible Reading

This is an interpretation of the card in paragraph form. This represents what might be said to the client during a reading. 

Rider Waite Card Meaning

A.E. Waite Meaning

The meaning of the card derived from the works of  A.E. Waite, the mystic who developed the cards. This is the closest thing to an original definition of the card.

flash tarot picture

Image of Card

Image of the original card as created by Pamela Colman Smith, the often ignored illustrator of the Rider-Waite cards, based on the instructions of A.E. Waite.

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Flash Tarot Cards (PDF)
    • Set of 78 Flash Tarot cards
      22 pages you can print and cut to create your Tarot deck.(PDF)
Note: this is a downloadable document that you will need to print yourself.  You will not receive a physical deck of cards.


    • Flash Tarot Workbook
      The Flash Tarot deck converted to standard size paper (2 cards per page).  Printed and put into a binder, this becomes a workbook where you can make notes, carry with you, and review as you would use any study guide. (PDF)
    • Sample Reading using the Flash Tarot Cards (Video)
      A video of a sample reading using the Flash Tarot Deck and the Modified Celtic Cross. This video demonstrates how to use the Flash Tarot deck to do your first reading.
    • Understanding MAJOR ARCANA (Video)
      Video explaining the Major Arcana using the Fool’s Journey.
    • Understanding the COURT CARDS (Video)
      Video explaining how to interpret the Court Cards (Page, Knight, Queen, King).
    • Understanding the WANDS (Video)
      Video explaining how to interpret the Wands (1-10).
    • Understanding the CUPS (Video)
      Video explaining how to interpret the Cups (1-10).
    • Understanding the SWORDS (Video)
      Video explaining how to interpret the Swords (1-10).
    • Understanding the PENTACLES (Video)
      Video explaining how to interpret the Pentacles (1-10).
    • Modified Celtic Cross Quick Reference
      Single-page quick reference guide to the modified Celtic Cross. (PDF)

    • How to Use the Modified Celtic Cross.
      Simple document explaining how to spread out and interpret the various positions in our modified Celtic Cross. (PDF)


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Rider-Coleman-Waite Tarot Cards

The Rider-Coleman-Waite Tarot Cards  (also known as the Rider-Waite Tarot Cards) were originally published 1909, and are generally the most popular and recognizable Tarot Deck.

The illustrations on the cards represent moments in life that are clearly recognizable to most. The clarity of this symbolism is part of what makes this deck so popular and why many believe it is the best one to start with.

Flash Tarot is based on the Rider-Coleman-Waite deck. To get the most out of your practice, it is recommended you own a deck to reference and practice with.

The cards were drawn by illustrator Pamela Colman Smith based on the instructions from academic and mystic A. E. Waite, and were originally published by the Rider Company.

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The Rider Tarot Deck

How to use the Flash Tarot cards

When you order your Flash Tarot cards you will be given a link to a PDF file.

The PDF file is 22 pages. These pages contain all 78 Tarot Cards

From here you have two options. You can either print the cards from home or take them to a professional printing company (such as Kinko’s, or preferably your local printer.)

At Home:

  1. Print out the cards on a home printer. There are 4 cards per page.
  2. Cut out the cards. You will need to make 4 cuts per page.
  3. …and you are ready to go.

Professional Printing:

  1. For a more professional look: send the PDF to a professional printer.
  2. Choose the paper you want the cards printed on. A nice cover stock should work well. We like Royal Sundance Fiber, creme or periwinkle, 80lb. cover stock.
  3. The printer will need to make 5 cuts. Be sure to find a printer that can cut all the pages at once rather than charging you for each page.
  4. For a more elegant look, the printer can also round the corners. Again, a good printing service can do all the corners at once keeping the costs low.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will not be sent a physical deck of cards. This would substantially increase the cost of the cards. The goal is to make this a practice deck. Something you can create yourself, use, make notes on and eventually outgrow.

Flash Tarot Deck
Flash tarot deck

Flash Tarot Deck printed on 80# cover stock with corners rounded

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When you purchase the Flash Tarot Deck
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